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Everyone wants their wedding bands to be unique and also that speaks to their personality. You might have wandered to all the stores, search online for the perfect ring but could not find one. Don’t worry you can design a ring for your partner easily.

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Don’t stress

A lot of people get stressed about the aspect that they will have to design a ring for their wedding and do not know how to design. The design will have to go through many steps, and an expert will help you all the way and also before you buy it, you will see a design and a prototype to make sure this is what you are looking for.

Get inspired

Surf on Pinterest and build a board of your favourites, do some window shopping, you will get a better idea of what kind of ring you want.If your dream ring is classic, retro, quirky, etc. The metals and stones you prefer also will be evident when you see the images you can bring all of the ideas you have collected to the designer to help the designer understand what you are looking for.


Try rings on

Some rings look good in the pictures but not on your hands, some rings that may not look good in the picture may look badon your hands. So, make sure you wear the ring and judge if you like it or not.

Read the fine print

At a custom design studio, you will have to pay a certain deposit before even starting, and you will lose your deposit if you do not buy the final product. Make sure you know the designer’s policy before making any kind of payments and also ask for financing offers.

Consider your budget

Pay what you are comfortable with and that you can afford. A custom ring is more affordable than a ready-made ring because the store does not need to mark the rings price to pay for retail overhead. Learn your budget, and they shop around to know what designer’s price fits with your budget.

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Know the trends

New trends on rings keep emerging; vintage style rings are backand you will see them in many stores but what you see everywhere does not mean that it is right for yo

Think outside the box

You are designing the ring that matches your personality, and engraving is also a common addition to a custom ring. ‘The sky is the limit,’ when it comes to design your dream rings. Also, ask your designer what metal or stone you are looking for in your ring and ask them to guide you through the process. If you want something new, Click Men’s Wedding Bands site and you will come across different rings which will give you new ideas and perspectives.

Plan six weeks ahead

If you are looking for your dream ring, you will have to plan way ahead and at least five to six weeks in advance to make sure the ring is done before your wedding day.


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