People always say that there is no impression such as the first impression, and you should make sure that you always create a good one. To create a good impression, you always need to consider things like body language, confidence and many more. However, a visual experience is always a treat, right? Here are some tips on how you can dress well

Wear A Suit Well

The key to looking good in a suit is to have it fitted properly. Regardless of whether having a muscular body or not, having a suit which is properly fitted will always make you look good. Make sure that the colour of the suit matches you well too. Don’t make it too dazzling. Keep it as minimalist as possible and preferably get darker tones of colour like black, brown, dark grey, etc.

Wear impressive watches especially those you love

The managing director of Vertex, a British watch brand always says that a watch is like a piece of art. Make sure that you get watches that you love. Don’t get something for other people’s sake and just for showing off. The watch should fit you and should feel comfortable.

Look after your appearance

This is a kind of obvious point, but you have to look after your clothing especially if you have invested a considerable amount of money into it. The little things matter, like, use wooden hangers for shirts and shoe trees for your best shoes. Wash them regularly and press them and keep them in a neat manner.

Spend money on shoes

Don’t spend unnecessarily on colourful shoes. It is all about that simple design. Opt for classic celebrated styles like loafers, brogues, etc. Don’t get a shoe with a fussy design. They say that anything fussy may look good now, but will soon start looking strange.


Know how to use your accessories

Make sure that you are careful with how you use your accessories, and by accessories, I mean Ties and Pocket Squares. Unlike what people think, you don’t want your clothes and accessories to match up. Make sure your tie or pocket square is of a darker shade than your jacket.

Know yourself

This is one of the best keys to dressing yourself in the best way. The least you can do while wearing a particular outfit is to own it. People should feel that this particular outfit belongs to you, and it suits you the best, better than anyone.

Dress for the setting

You should always dress according to the occasion. You cannot just wear a suit and go to the beach. It just won’t make any sense. To look good, you have to wear something suiting the occasion and make sure you wear that right too.

Buy for an occasion, Never hire

The times when you will have to wear formal clothes might be very rare, but they are nonetheless very exciting. So, when you are part of such an occasion, don’t hire a suit. Buy one. Own a classic suit, and make sure it fits you too. A hired suit will not even feel like yours and it won’t even fit.


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